Regal – In Memoriam

Regal in 2011
Regal – October 1986

Regalfyre (Aristo Fyre x Princess Satin)

June 3rd, 1986 — February 16th, 2019

It was an absolute privilege to have such a beautiful, strong, intelligent, charismatic horse in my life for the last 33 years. He was my favorite inspiration/model for many of my graphic/3D art projects and will continue to be. He was curious, fearless, and embodied his name in every way. I was there for his first breath and his last – so to say I will miss him is an understatement. 💔🐎


We who surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached. Yet, we would live no other way, and we cherish memory as the only certain immortality. The life of a horse, often half our own, seems endless until one day. That day has come for me, and I am within a smaller circle. — Irving Townsend



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