About Kacia


I live on the edge of the Olympic rain forest surrounded by tall fir trees and salty sea air. The beauty and tranquility of my surroundings inspires my digital paintings and photography, whether it’s a work of fantasy art, a macro shot of a flower, or a gorgeous sunset snapped from a drone hundreds of feet in the air. I grew up surrounded by nature and animals, and have always loved to create. Besides photography and digital art, I have many other creative outlets and endeavors that include acrylic and watercolor painting, 3D modeling, jewelry making, graphic design, cartoonist, feature writer, and web developer.

Photography and digital art are my passions, and I frequently combine the two to create an entirely new work of art. Using digital painting techniques, 3D models, neural nets, and image synthesis β€” artificial intelligence β€” I create new worlds and images that are dynamic, abstract, and otherworldly.

My art isn’t always about high fantasy or picturesque beauty; I often inject humor or the sometimes absurdity of this experience we call Life into my work. Many photographs have double or hidden meanings, revealed in their titles. Ever fascinated by the play of light and color, my macro photography allows the viewer to see details that are usually overlooked; opening a door into those tiny worlds where the closer you look, the more you see.

Horses are a favorite subject of mine. Many years ago I owned an Arabian horse farm, breeding and training and showing some of the most treasured bloodlines in the Arabian horse world. My beautiful Arabian horse, Regalfyre, was with me for 33 years. He was and continues to be my inspiration for my horse-themed art.

When I’m not creating art, I love to learn new things, build websites, travel whenever I get the chance, and spend time with my family and my dogs.





FAA Certified

Vastness intoxicates temporal experience.