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Thank you everyone who commented on my post about Juno. It has been difficult without her and I miss her every day. I decided I needed another dog to love. So I adopted a ten week old Australian Shepherd mix puppy from the local Humane … Continue readingKira

Juno is free 🕊

  What a wonderful friend I had for 15 years. And those years went by way too fast. How lucky I was to share so many great years with this clever, sweet, tenacious, fierce, beautiful soul. Strong til the end, yet so tired, and ready … Continue readingJuno is free 🕊


This was a test of a face embedding that failed during training, but I think it was a success. I love the abstract stuff

Easily Amused

Still from an animation I thought was kinda funny

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Color Splash

Working on something fun and I hope to share it soon. For now here's a splash of color

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A new smoky, cloudy style LoRA I call Nebulous. I love making LoRAs and mixing them together to create different effects

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Made with Stable Diffusion and my custom style LoRAs Abstracto and Nebulous

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